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Digital Print

Digital printing revolutionized the printing industry, providing a cost-effective and fast solution for high-quality printed materials.

palamides addresses the common challenges associated with digital postpress processing that can significantly impact business profitability and customer satisfaction:

  • Escalating costs, particularly labor costs
  • Underutilization of digital press features due to limitations in finishing and processing equipment
  • Inadequate communication between digital presses and older equipment, leading to production slowdowns and potential print job damage.

These pain points can significantly impact business profitability and result in delays in delivering print jobs to customers on time. palamides understands the frustration and is committed to providing effective solutions. With palamides' automated delivery systems, customers can reduce labor costs by streamlining manual production processing to a single person. The company's pro series automated deliveries offer flexibility and are designed to handle almost any type of print job, expanding the possibilities for customers.

Furthermore, palamides' equipment seamlessly integrates between old and new equipment, ensuring smooth operation without any delays during production runs.

The palamides pro series machines are specifically designed to handle high quantities of digital print sheets with exceptional speed and accuracy. These machines can be customized to meet diverse production needs and are known for their reliability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness in processing digital print jobs.

Effective finishing processing is crucial for elevating the quality and durability of digitally printed materials. With palamides' automated delivery and stacking systems, finished products are automatically delivered and neatly stacked, reducing waste and improving overall efficiency. The company's banding systems also provide secure protection for printed materials during transportation and storage, minimizing the risk of damage or loss.

To further optimize operations, printers can leverage Industry 4.0 automation through palamides' Design Separation Platform (DSP) toolkit with the palamides pro series deliveries. This enables higher levels of automation and better communication between machines, systems and people. The DSP toolkit empowers the processing of variable data print (VDP) jobs, enabling Industry 4.0 capabilities for palamides' pro series equipment. This leads to significant improvements in productivity, efficiency, and quality control, while offering enhanced flexibility in processing digital print jobs

palamides is a leading expert in digital postpress production processing, offering a comprehensive range of machines, consultation services and training options to help customers optimize their production processing for digital print jobs.

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The name palamides has stood for partnership, quality and inventiveness for more than 25 years.

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Our delivery systems for the printing and packaging industry cover almost all applications with their numerous options. Expand your production processing capacities with a professional delivery system and increase the efficiency of the entire production chain — without additional labor! Make your choice.

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