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Versatile automatic delivery

The delta automatic delivery system focuses on maximum productivity with low personnel costs.

Stable stacks, which are easy to handle due to banding, ensure an effective transfer to the further processing machines. In this way, products that spread out heavily at the edge or which are smooth or irregular can be processed correctly.

The focus of delta is on rationalization, rather than banding of the products. If a delta is used, only one operator is required, regardless of whether processing single or multiple up-work – even at full production speed. Whether speed, format range or user-friendliness – the delta sets new standards. With a capacity of 600 packages per hour per product flow, it can reach up to 1.800 packages per hour, which is faster than previous delivery machines. With a delta tandem version, this capacity can be doubled. The automatic delivery is currently available in two versions- the delta502 with up to two-up and the delta703 with up to three-up production.

delta streamlines the production process, rationalizes workflows and reduces the number of operators required for production processing.

Technology for Success

Industry 4.0

In conjunction with the Dynamic Separation Platform (DSP), the delta provides operational data, dynamically separates book blocks of different sizes, marks and controls downstream processes. With the diverse interface solutions, the delta can be connected to almost any production machine.

Performance Increase

The delta`s output of 600 packages per hour per product stream increases the cycle time of the entire process chain.

Flexible Configuration

The delta is mobile and can easily be installed behind most any production machines. It can be converted to another format in just a few minutes.

  • Introduction
  • Options
  • Example

delta Introduction

The delta automated delivery system is a versatile solution designed to maximize productivity and streamline production processing. With stable stacks and efficient banding, the delta ensures effective transfer to further processing machines, even for products with irregular shapes or smooth surfaces. When combined with the Dynamic Separation Platform (DSP), the delta enables seamless integration with your existing production machines, providing operational data and optimizing workflows. Experience the performance increase and flexible configuration of the delta as it revolutionizes your print production processing.

delta Options

Cardboard/card inserts

Optional carton/card inserter for the palamides delta pro series automatic dispensers. This versatile solution raises productivity to a new level while minimising labour costs. Experience streamlined production processes, increased output and flexible configuration options of the palamides delta, which revolutionises print finishing with the carton and card inserter. Perfect finish of a finished stack that has been processed flawlessly with this innovative function.

delta Example

Get a firsthand look at the power and efficiency of the delta automated delivery machine in action. See the processing of an actual customer job, showcasing the delta's ability to handle production processing with ease. With its focus on maximum productivity, streamlined workflows and reduced operator requirements, the delta sets new standards in print production processing.

Increased productivity

delta stacks forms quickly and efficiently, reducing the need for extra manual processes and increasing overall productivity. Shorter set-up times are due to semi-automated set-up. Also, constant production is possible due to automatic format detection and waste lock.

Reduced operating costs

By automating the delivery process, the delta can help reduce operating costs by cutting down on operator-intensive, repetitive tasks. delta supports more efficient production due to higher operating speeds of folders, saddle stitchers and other production processing equipment.

Improved work environment

With the highly efficient automated deliveries of the delta, it can help reduce workplace injuries and improve overall working conditions by reducing the need for heavy lifting and manual labor. Also, the easy-to-understand user interface and touch screen allow for intuitive operation.


The delta is capable of handling folded products and saddle-stitch products, making it a versatile option for printing businesses. The infeed, which can be swiveled from

42 - 105 cm (15,74“ - 41,33“), is on rollers, making the machine mobile and easy to configure.

"With the delta, jobs that previously took two or three people can now be run with one operator. This has dramatically increased our folding capacity without having to hire additional employees."

Jake Wallace
Management Wallace Graphics

"We are pleased with the delta703. Before we needed an operator plus helpers, we now do not need helpers. We recognize health benefits as well- the ergonomics of the machine lead to less back problems, bending problems and trouble with the hands."

Mark Flinn
Finishing Manager at Allied Printing Services

"Since we got our palamides, top speed and precision are no longer a contradiction. We have no time for compromise. That's why we chose palamides.”

Tim Zelle
Management teamdruck GmbH

"We have better output on the machines because of the palamides. We can run our machines up to their maximum with only one person operating the machines. What we appreciate about palamides is the smooth production flow as well as good contact with the palamides team."

Daniel and Tobias Frank
Management Druckhaus Frank

"The palamides delta was one of the best decisions we have made in recent years in the area of finishing. With modern technology in the folding area, we achieve higher productivity. But this is only possible with modern technology behind it. That's why we decided on a delta703. The flexible use of the palamides delta703 behind the folding machine and the saddle stitcher brings us enormous advantages - especially with the automatic banding of the individual stacks. In addition, we benefit from reduced personnel requirements and thus saved personnel costs and from the higher machine performance, especially in multiple-up productions."

Jörg Rosenberg
Technical Management Repa Druck
palamides - Technology for Success

"Nothing works for us anymore without palamides deliveries. With the high volume we have to handle every day, these systems make a very important contribution. Without these deliveries, production would simply no longer be imaginable."

Sven Saile
Management ELLER repro+druck GmbH
palamides - Technology for Success

"I first met Stefano Palamides and his automated delivery at IPEX 1993 (in Birmingham). It was immediately clear to me that these machines had a future and would bring considerable financial and personnel benefits to our broad-based postpress production. Since then, we have been using five machines and are very satisfied with the quality, reliability and technical advice and service."

Hermann Leufgens
Management Leufgens GmbH Print and Finishing
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